Sign & Semblance

by Miriam Jones

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(free) 03:43


released February 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Miriam Jones Oxford


“... it’s a very good record” - Independent On Sunday

“Transfixed by her style .... emotive performances that combine darkness and soul but warmth and accessibility too”
– Maverick
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Track Name: Earth & Sky
This is a song for the wild and the free
For all of the loss that lives in me
This is to say that I'm making my way
In the absence of everything ordered and everything plain

And I'm alive in earth and sky, in these rivers that dance for my mischevious eyes and I am thinned by this tidy and civilised world that I'm in

And try as I may I just never quite seem to fit in
All these edges and corners, these boundaries that border me in
But I am not orderly, there's more than four sides to me
And this ground that I'm made of, I'm bound to its anarchy

So I will step off of the walk ways and head for the hills
Wander the woodlands, to flesh outmy soul and the way that I feel
And in this great expansiveness, I'm opened wide up to this
We are all made for wilderness, called into pilgrimage
Track Name: Reasonable Heart
Oh my heart hold on, too rushed you run
A glimpse of what you need is all it was
So don't go on like that, you fool romantic
You were fine last night, all alone but alright, now you're frantic

And I can't sleep for all your make believe
And you can keep your fool audacity
Oh for a reasonable heart, to save me assembling what just falls apart
Oh for a reasonable heart

Believe me you'll regret this when it's done
When flesh and blood retake the garrison
What is wrong with you, what else could he do and you're off to the blue
When you find the floor don't say I didn't warn you

Do I need this really?
It never fails you go for making me look silly
There's nothing I can say to you
You're never one to let me choose

Toss me, turn me, fly me to the moon
I won't presume to hope that I'll be sleeping soon
I'm alive tonight, he is mine and we're dynamit
Spin me on, spin me on oh my heart oh my song oh my life
Track Name: Really Breathe
I hear my soul when there is nothing left to drive it in a hole
I'm asleep and my thoughts are of the fewest I can keep
Still you're there inside calling me
I feel you there inside pulling me

And I burn for you on those nights when I am forced awake by truth-that there is you
And it's like trying to breathe and then finding that you don't have what you need to really breathe

I'm in the dark and this hollowness is carving out my heart
I know it's you but I'm lying here and don't know what to do
Still you're there inside waking me
I feel you there inside shaking me

So I lay down because it's useless to stay up and look around
I push it out until the next time that you come to find me out
You'll come near from inside surrounding me
I'll feel you there inside crowding me
Track Name: Sign & Semblance
I don't want any more toys, more things to do while you're away
Don't need more to keep me occupied, books to keep my heart alive today
I don't want religion and I don't need to be right
Keep your dogma keep your histor if I can't have God alive in me tonight

Cause I'm tired of all these back-side glances, god-in-nature business
I want no more of this and I, I want just you to hold my heart and turn me true, I don't want sign or semblance I just want all of you

I want your footprints if you're not anywhere around
And I don't want 2000 years ago unless you're someone I can get to know right now
I don't want to spend my whole life trying to decide if you exist
Cause that is not what you have made me for, I know you came to give me more than this

This is life, to know you
The only true and loving God
And I can't do that with a textbook, I can't to it with the rule books that I've got
Track Name: Wed
I've read about you and me on lonely nights of a living room couch and a slighted cold cup of tea, and lovers poetry; they put us down in a dream, but could it be that love was meant for me

And I would fall asleep just to see you in my dreams, and I would lie awake if only just to watch you breathe and you know I would go anywhere if I knew that you would be with me

And I could only love you, I cannot compare you
I don't wish you more or less or without the mess of you
So kiss me like you want to, hold me cause I need you
Love I'm all for you

In the morning I'll let you go, but you'll be back this time I know
And I could say goodbye a thousand times if you want if it would mean one more hello
You brighten up my soul you be inside hold me with your eyes and you delight me
Stay beside me

Look how we're growing old
But this weakened heart bears love more bold
And I'll sing of how you knew me when and til the end you loved me
To you my heart will ever bend
Track Name: Bring (Jeremiah)
Ah Lord God I am not skilled in any work or art
Stop your mouth, you say and own the image of your God
Well I resigned behind a blank stare in my front row seated lawn chair
And I find it numbing how the world seems to get along without me

And in the hands of a servant-God
Who can keep a give-nothing love
Oh sleeper, you tire him, get up and be reminded that you are a child of a king who wouldn't leave you with nothing to bring

Loved ones all, we are the work of one who died so we would know
So stand tall, get on your knees and pour out all that you would own
Those things inside aren't for your hiding, they're there to show his shining
To say you had nothing would be lying, it only takes some trying

And we all are called to run creatively on, the great and the small
Track Name: Anything
More than anything I wish that you were here
More than anything, to be with you my dear
More than anything I need for you to know me
More than anything to feel the smile when you show me

More than anything I need to hold your hand
Just a little while until I think that I can stand
I need only you to say that it's ok darling
You're the only thing I can't do without today

So how is it I'm alone this way?
How is it you could dare to be so far away?
The only good I see in leaving you
Is that it gives me something to look forward to

More than anything I want to wake u in my bed on a sunday morning with two pillows by my head
In our father's house on the corner we would meet
We could use the world for two, do what we wanted to and
I am only wasting time that could be better spent but
You're not around to make me want to spend it
And whenive got you on my. Ind I don't want nobody else and
I understand those days were meant for loneliness

Still I'm stuck here in this lonely room
Writing songs about the way I feel when I'm at home with you
And I could do the thing I'm longing to
But I don't know why I'd rather sit here and cry

No one knows me quite like you do
And I don't know anything much like I know the place where I'd find you
Oh the things that we hold onto
It's beautiful here, but it won't stop the tears of one who needs you more
Track Name: the Mile
Sing to me the song about that place where I can hide
You sang when I was young with arms around me
Whisper in my ear of the one who's always there
Tell me of the Son who died to save me

I see him everywhere you go, in every yes and every no you're loving me still
And if I reach out to hold your hand, request the honor of this dance when everybody's looking, they fade away

I love you, you know I do
And I will greet the morning to your smile
Hoping you would know the truth
That I'll have waited just to walk that mile with you

I pushed you off the walk one day and barely 'scaped alive
You've always been so sensitive but you know I need it
A bigger heart there never was and yet no smaller pride
In his grace you'd found a place and you know I see it

Yesterday I'm sure that I was just a child
What would you have done to keep me there well
Some things never change, this heart is still the same
And I won't walk away if you sing to me again
Track Name: She's Gone Again
I don't need to think twice - she is my best friend
And though it doesn't seem right, I don't even see her on weekends
And I guess it sounds crazy but it's somehow easy being where she's always missing
No I can't figure this one out, Whenever she comes around I feel like I haven't been living

But she's gone again, never time to say more, I didn't know she was there til she walks out the door
The only way I know she was with me before
Is she's gone again and I'm feeling so sore

I heard she was home from somebody else we know
She knew I went to Rome, by then I was already coming home
And you'd think we'd be wearing from nobody caring but there's never been any resistance
I know she loves me and she thinks it's funny that love can be known from a distance

And though there's really nothing else I would like better than to sit with her and talk of even the weather
We're free to love and we're free to roam, and this is where I feel at home
Track Name: Move
Praise to our God, life of our hearts, fire of our love and our burning
Hallelujah, breath of our breathing, the whole earth is teeming with you

And it's true, you're always on the move
Just when I thought I'd lost you I find you out to prove
That you're never through and you always move

Praise to our God, art of our being
Author of tale and of mystery
Hallelujah, force of our turning
Source of our yearning for you

Praise to our God, illusive but faithful
Prince of our peace and our storm
Hallelujah, life to the dying
Strength of our trying for you
Track Name: Never Far
I should have turned away, instead I tried to think it through
Not to know your way, just to get around you

But then I look you in the face
It's quite a different scene
And I finally see the way that I have been
And we wander in the dark, wondering where we are
But you are never far

Should have heard what you would say
I thought I'd do without you
And to do it is my way, just the way I want to

Oh I need you every hour
And oh sometimes I choose to leave you faceless in your tower
As if you'd never come around

I wish that's could stay wrapped up tight I side you
But I always go away thinking I don't need to