Red Sea Singles

by Miriam Jones



released September 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Miriam Jones Oxford


“... it’s a very good record” - Independent On Sunday

“Transfixed by her style .... emotive performances that combine darkness and soul but warmth and accessibility too”
– Maverick
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Track Name: Miriam Jones & the Red Sea - Words Away (Radio Single)
Lord knows that words don’t always earn their keep, and lovers pride themselves that they don’t need to speak; they’re so good at reading, one look is all they need
And I love all the faces that you make at me, the ones you pull on purpose and the ones you lose to honesty oh let the sun rise but your smile awakens me.
And you know I love your kisses but I want more from your lipses.

So don’t throw your words away. I’ll hang on everything you want to say. Whisper your sweet, sweet nothings they mean everything, everything. Don’t throw your words away. I know you love me but it’s not the same. It might be easy to say, say it anyway - don’t throw your words away.

Life rolls down a tight rope of delight and dues.The mouth can say all kinds of things the hand won’t prove: you mean the world Love, but I don’t have time for you.
But often these hypocrisies aren’t understood. A few more zealous lovers in this world would do some good Oh if you feel it, go on and let it loose.

Love is always clouded but that’s not for being shouted
Track Name: Miriam Jones & the Red Sea - Routine Runaway (Radio Single)
Open the window and breathe in - I can’t believe we’re finally leaving
It’s just the way I always dreamed it, always
I got you, you got me, we promised, there’s nothing left but to get on this
if the car breaks down we’ll pawn it

We could drive a million miles tonight
I could not be further gone than here in your sweet eyes as we’re kissing at the stoplight

And I’ve left this town more times than I can think of
But I never cared less where I was headed to than on my way out with you love
Oh and every day your love takes me far away, and I’m OK that you’re my
routine run run runaway

The first time I met you I left you make believing things we could get up to
The places we’d go doing what we loved to
A year gone and married a day in and we’re leaving everything for England
Like I never came awake from dreaming
You say I’m brave to come away but understand
I will be at home wherever I have you in my hands
You keep me safe like nothing else can
Track Name: Wondrous, Mysterious single
I turned on the tv and it suddenly was Christmas and I hollered at the advert that they wouldn’t get my money and I could not believe they honestly were trying to take my heart for Christmas. The airwaves jammed with snowmen and with santa claus and angels, and I do believe in angels, but not the kind that do not scare you and I prayed some kind of holy fear would find its way to me this Christmas.

‘Cause my heart is dying to prepare for something wondrous, and mysterious, but this world is ringing in my ears and it’s thunderous and delirious.

I walked into town and it was red and gold and sparkling and while I waited for my watch I hovered round the shiny shops, oh you who have no money come and buy, and fill your hearts full up this Christmas. Steering down the sidewalk I could hear a conversation ‘bout a boy who had a head they’d like to push under a faucet and I wondered are we saving up all our loving hearts for Christmas.

Part way through December I pulled out the wooden figures from their boxes and I placed them and I looked into their faces, wondering what they all were looking at...